Sacramento and Northern California Pool Engineering

Lenehan Engineering offers custom and standard swimming pool engineering plans, retaining wall plans, and custom engineering throughout Northern California.  We have over 10 years of local pool engineering experience in the Sacramento Area, Bay Area, and Central Valley.

Pool Engineering

Lenehan Engineering offers swimming pool engineering plans ranging from standard in-ground pools to complex pier supported swimming pools. For typical pool construction, we offer a standard plan with 19 details to cover standard construction. We rely on our extensive experience in geotechnical and structural engineering to produce custom plans for pier supported pools and other complicated projects.


Retaining Wall Engineering

 We provide structural engineering of a variety of retaining structures such as traditional CMU or concrete “T” footing retaining walls. Additionally, we design segmental block (Keystone, Allan Block, and others), gravity rock and pier-supported walls. 


Structural Engineering

 We prepare custom engineering for many outdoor structures such as trellises, pavilions, fireplaces and decks. We can provide engineering of wood and steel members to accommodate your preferences. 


Site Evaluations

As soils engineers, we are ready to visit your project site.  We will evaluate the soil conditions and provide recommendations to keep your project moving forward. 

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